Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Bits & Digits refund policy is not applicable when:

  • You choose a special service package.
  • You have approved the initial design concept.
  • You have requested revisions
  • You have canceled the order due to non-related reasons in regard to the Bits & Digits and its policies
  • You have not contacted Bits & Digits for more than 2 weeks since the project initiated
  • You have violated Bits & Digits terms & conditions and privacy policy
  • You have approached another service provider or designer for the same project assigned to Bits & Digits
  • You have provided an incomplete design brief
  • You have demanded a change in the design concept
  • You have exceeded from the maximum time allowed to ‘request for refund’ and make claims
  • You are closing your business or have changed the name of your business
  • You have other reasons such as change of mind, dispute with your partners, or other similar reasons
  • You have approved the deliverables
  • You have accepted multiple revisions for any service
  • You have ordered a bundle service and dissatisfied with any specific service, refund can only be claimed against that specific service and ‘not’ the complete set of bundle services
  • You have failed to provide the initial design brief within 10 days of order placement

Note: Bits & Digits reserves complete rights to reject/cancel any project/order or cancel the contract with the customer whenever it seems necessary and decided after critical managerial discretion. After successfully claiming the refund, you will have no rights to use the incomplete/complete design concepts for any reason or purpose; these completed/incomplete design concepts will remain the sole property of Bits & Digits and the company owns full rights of these design concepts. By complying with this set of refund policy, you will have no rights to use any of the design concepts provided to you by Bits & Digits and the information will be submitted to the Copyright Acquisition of the Government Copyright Agencies to ensure legality. How to claim your refund?

Follow the below mentioned ways to make raise your ‘request for refund’:

  • By engaging with us via Live Chat. Click Here to start chat now.
  • By sending us an Email mention “Request for Refund” and ‘Order ID’ in the subject line.

As soon as we receive your request for refund, we will reach out to you at our earliest to assist you with the best possible resolution and start the refund process.